39 y/o man with recurrent headache



Doctor's Information

Name : Morteza
Family : Sanei Taheri
Affiliation :Radiology Department,Shohada Tajrish Hospital,SBMU
Academic Degree : Associate Professor of Radiology
Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Resident : Niayesh Keshvari


Case Section



Patient's Information

Gender : Male
Age : 39


Clinical Summary

a 39 y/o man with recurrent headache


Imaging Findings

Images demonstrate  high signal mass  posterior to optic tract on FLAIR &T2 W and low signal on T1 W that reveals   enhancement in postcontrast study.
Hydrocephaly and diffusion restriction is not visualized .


Differential Diagnosis



Final Diagnosis

Hypothalamic glioma


Discussion (Related Text)

Low grade glioma is an uncommon diagnosis. Patients are younger than those with high grade glioma and most commonly present with seizures. The diagnostic modality of choice is MRI. On MRI, low-grade gliomas usually appear as low signal on T1 weighted imaging and a well-defined area of high signal on T2, often with a more extensive abnormality than seen on CT. FLAIR sequences attenuate the signal from CSF and can better define peri-ventricular lesions. The ultimate behaviour of these tumours is not benign. The natural history is of serial accumulation of genetic abnormalities resulting in malignant transformation and, ultimately, death.



Price SJ. Advances in imaging low grade gliomas. Advances and Technical Standards in Neurosurgery, 2009;35:1-34.


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