An 8 year old male with facial deformity



Doctor's Information

Name : nooshin
Family :Behboodi
Affiliation : ----------------
Academic Degree: ----------------
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Resident : Farhad Niaghi


Patient's Information

Gender : Male
Age : 8


Case Section

Head & Neck Imaging


Clinical Summary

An 8 year old male with facial deformity.



Imaging Procedures and Findings

Bony enlargement and increased density of right frontal and ethmoid and sphenoid bones are noted. No erosions or soft tissue involvement are seen.



Fibrous dysplasia is a disease manifested by aberrant maturation of bone. The bony structures have a greater density than normal bone and than bone in Paget's disease, in which the thickened bone is less dense than normal bone. Solitary monostotic fibrous dysplasia of the petrous pyramid may occur, but widespread involvement is more common. The changes in the temporal bone are usually proliferative, whereas the changes in the calvaria are usually expansile. Regions of sclerosis may alternate with areas of resorption and expansion. The thickened bone is typically not fragmented. On CT, fibrous dysplasia appears as enlarged bone with a dense aspect. The lesions can also show a more osteolytic aspect with dense bony areas within them. On MRI, they usually have a low signal intensity on Tl-weighted images and either a low or a high signal intensity on T2-weighted images. Signal intensity and the degree of contrast enhancement depends on the amount and degree of bony trabeculae, cellularity, collagen, and cystic and hemorrhagic changes.


Final Diagnosis

Fibrous dysplasia



CT and MR imaging of the whole body / [edited by] John R. Haaga ... et al.].-5th ed p.562-564


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