Doctor's Information

Name : maryam
Family : noori
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Patient's Information

Gender : Female
Age : 36


Case Section

Genital Female Imaging


Clinical Summary

A 36 year old female underwent MRI because of pelvic pain and dysmenorrhea




Imaging Procedures and Findings

A 36-year-old woman with chronic pelvic pain and dysmenorrheal further evaluated using MRI. Performed MRI study revealed thickened junction zone (more than 12mm), contained high signal foci (on T2 & STIR), also high signal linear striations (heterotopic endometrium).



The cause of adenomyosis is presence of heterotopic endometrial glands and stroma in myometrium with adjacent smooth muscle hypertrophy. MRI findings related to adenomyosis are segmental/diffuse thickening of junctional zone (more than 12 mm) ± hyperintense foci. Relative absence of mass effect given size of lesion is also important. Margin of junction zone is ill-defined.


Final Diagnosis




Diagnostic Imaging Gynecology, Hricak et al. Fundamental of diagnostic radiology, William E. Brant, Clyde A. Helms.


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